Templates & Tools


Excel is a phenomenal piece of software, and can be used to produce tools which are powerful, professional in appearance, and which can automate and significantly streamline work that would otherwise require substantial manual input.


It is a very satisfying process to identify a project / problem and then design and build a solution yourself, but sometimes you may find that your Excel skills are not quite developed enough yet, and sometimes it is fair to say that there is just no point in re-inventing the wheel.


This site contains a number of pre built Templates and Tools for a range of different applications, for example data analysis and budgeting / forecasting.


You may find that you can use these Templates and Tools straight off the shelf or with some slight user modification, or you may just use them for ideas, examples of coding, or just learning purposes.


Below is an up to date list of all the Templates & Tools currently available for download. More content will be added on a regular basis. If you have any ideas or requests, please do get in touch.


  • Business Templates & Tools
    • xxx


  • Chess Templates & Tools
    • Chess: Openings Database     >>>
    • Chess: Performance Analysis     >>>


  • Finance Templates & Tools
    • Finance: Gant Chart     >>>
    • Finance: Household Budgeting Model     >>>


  • Fantasy Football Templates & Tools
    • FPL: Premier League Fixtures Analysis     >>>
    • FPL: Mini League Analysis     >>>


  • Medical Templates & Tools
    • Medical: Health Stats Log & Analysis     >>>


  • Sport Templates & Tools
    • Darts: Statistics Log and Checkout Calculator     >>>
    • Football: Fixture Generator and League Table Calculator     >>>
    • Golf: Admin - Speed of Play Analysis     >>>
    • Golf: Handicap Calculator     >>>
    • Golf: Performance Analysis     >>>
    • Running: Training Log and Analysis     >>>
    • Ten Pin Bowling: Log and Analysis     >>>
    • Sport: Knockout Draw Generator     >>>
    • Sport: Score Prediction Game     >>>


  • Miscellaneous Templates & Tools
    • Birth Celebrations     >>>
    • Boggle Game     >>>
    • Countdown Game     >>>
    • Crossword Solver     >>>
    • Foreign Language Tester     >>>
    • Interactive Book     >>>
    • Lottery Draw Analysis     >>>
    • Lottery Ticket Generator     >>>
    • Mastermind Game     >>>
    • Multi Converter     >>>
    • Multiple Choice Quiz Template     >>>
    • Picture Quiz Template     >>>
      • Football Stadia Picture Quiz
      • National Flags Picture Quiz
      • Big Brother Contestants Picture Quiz
    • Scrabble Word Optimiser     >>>
    • Virtual Boyfriend      >>>


To appreciate them fully, we recommend viewing the screenshots in full screen mode.