Miscellaneous: Interactive Book


Some of you may be familiar with "Choose your own Adventure" books, for example the Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf series. In essence, the story is broken into tens/hundreds of non sequential segments, and each segement typically ends with a choice for the reader to make, which then instructs them to a particular section depending on their choice. There are numerous paths through the story - some will be succesful, and some will not.


In addition, the use of dice enables events like fights and such to take place


This file is an Excel template that enable someone to create their own interactive book. Features include -


  • Realistic book appearance
  • Indirect Hyperlink option choice buttons for quickly linking the sections together
  • Digital, randomised "dice"
  • Ability to make adjustments to characteristic scores


To appreciate them fully, we recommend viewing the screenshots in full screen mode.


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