Chess: Openings Database


One of the key aspects of being a good chess player is having a wide range of openings.


There are plenty of sources available if you are teaching yourself, although we would say that it is much better when learning to be able to see each move develop on the board, rather than just read the text of a move.


This tool does just that, and comes prepopulated with 40 of the best and most common openings for white and black. Features include -


  • Diagramatical representation of each move on the board
  • Notation of each move
  • Macro driven navigation through each move
  • Space for personal notes for each move
  • Current capacity of 40 openings
  • Ease of navigation through different openings
  • 4 different selectable board colour schemes


NB: All openings have not yet been populated on the latest version. It is for demonstration purposes only.


To appreciate them fully, we recommend viewing the screenshots in full screen mode.


Macros must be enabled when prompted in order for this tool to function properly.


The compressed file can be extracted using WinZip or the like. If you don't have such a program, just download the uncompressed file.

Chess: Openings Database (unfinished draft)
Chess Openings v0.02.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [5.3 MB]
Chess: Openings Database (unfinished draft)
Chess Openings
Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.7 MB]