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NB: This section is currently rather empty as we have been concentrating on populating the Templates & Tools section first. We will endeavour to fill it up as soon as we can. Progress and new content will be announced on our Twitter feed.


No matter how long you have been using Excel, there is always more to learn. Not only learning completely new techniques and ideas, but also in Excel there is typically more than one way to skin a cat, and you may find that there are more efficient and flexible ways of doing things.


Thankfully, there are many sources that you can use to find solutions to problems and improve your skills.


  • Obviously, as a first port of call there is the Help function of Excel itself, which is convenient, but often limited as it can only really deal with specific, standard questions.
  • There are also a multitude of books available, and these can be a handy learning and reference tool to dip into 
  • You will also be surprised at how often a google search of your querry will yield an answer on websites such as these and forums
  • It is also useful to review other peoples spreadsheets 


In this section we will try and collate a number of Tutorials & Tips that will cover a range of the main principles, that will be most useful for the majority of people.  


Ultimately though, just like learning to drive or playing a sport, no matter how much theory you read, there really is no substitute for practical experience and just building spreadsheets!


Below is an up to date list of all the Tutorials & Tips currently available for download. New content will be added on a regular basis. If you have any ideas or request please do get in touch.


  • Formatting: Custom Formatting Cell Contents     >>>
  • General: Keyboard Shortcuts     >>>


New Tutorials & Tips coming soon - 


  • Formatting: Conditional Formatting
  • Formulae: Basic Formulae
  • Formulae: Advanced Formulae
  • Presentation: Bespoke Graphs and Indicators
  • Presentation: Dashboards
  • Building Spreadsheets
  • Financial Modelling