Miscellaneous Templates & Tools


This section is just a collection of random odds and sods, some humerous, some daft, and some for rather trivial tasks, which we have included primarily just to demonstrate some useful and unusual formulae and techniques.


Below is an up to date list of all the Miscellaneous Templates & Tools currently available for download. More content will be added on a regular basis. If you have any ideas or requests please do get in touch.


  • Birth Celebrations
  • Boggle Game
  • Countdown Game
  • Crossword Solver
  • Foreign Language Tester
  • Interactive Book
  • Lottery Draw Analysis
  • Lottery Ticket Generator
  • Mastermind Game
  • Multi Converter
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Template
  • Picture Quiz Template
    • Football Stadia Picture Quiz
    • National Flags Picture Quiz
    • Big Brother Contestants Picture Quiz
    • Simpsons Picture Quiz
  • Scrabble Word Optimiser
  • Virtual Boyfriend


New Templates & Tools coming soon - 


  • Virtual Conversation


To appreciate them fully, we recommend viewing the screenshots in full screen mode.