Miscellaneous: Scrabble Word Optimiser


While your opponents probably wouldn't be too appreciative of you using this during a game, it could prove to be a useful training aid if you take your Scrabble quite seriously.


Enter your rack, and up to one letter already on the board, and the model will display the highest scoring valid word.


NB Unfortunately, the model currently does not have the functionality to include Multiple Point Squares (eg triple letter score) into the calculation.


The model is pre-populated with a dictionary of over 100,000 words, and uses the official scoring of the board game.


To appreciate them fully, we recommend viewing the screenshots in full screen mode.


The compressed file can be extracted using WinZip or the like. If you don't have such a program then just download the uncompressed file.

Scrabble Word Optimiser
Scrabble v2.3.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [13.9 MB]
Scrabble Word Optimiser
Scrabble v2.3.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [6.8 MB]