General: Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are a great way of speeding up your efficiency.


Admittedly at first they will seem fiddly and difficult to remember, but once you start using them on a regular basis, they will quickly become second nature. 


If you stick with them, you can fairly easily get to the stage where you very rarely have to use the mouse and you can keep your hands on the keyboard at all time. This will greatly increase your speed in building, populating and editing spredsheets.


In the file below, I have listed the main keyboard shortcuts which will enable you to carry out most tasks under the following headings - 


  • Navigation
  • Selection and Structure
  • Formatting and Editing
  • Populating
  • Ribbons & Menus



General: Keyboard Shortcuts
General - Keyboard Shortcuts.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [85.3 KB]