We at the Spreadsheet Library take the utmost pride in our work. We endeavour to ensure our output is as powerful, comprehensive and flexible as is reasonably possible, and to check the functionality and integrity thoroughly.


Notwithstanding this, no spreadsheet can ever be guarenteed to be 100% free from error, and no spreadsheet which has not been bespokely designed can purport to be 100% suitable for your particular needs.


In addition, the vast majority of output is designed and built using Excel 2007, and so functionality and appearance may be compromised if you are using earlier versions.


Furthermore, it is our policy to provide all of our output unprotected to facilitate user modification and learning. As a result, there is a risk that user action may impact the functionality and integrity.


Therefore, it is with regret that the Spreadsheet Library can accept no liability for any loss (monetary or otherwise) as a result of using any of our output.