The Spreadsheet Library

Welcome to the Spreadsheet Library!


This site is a free to use archive of spreadsheet Templates & Tools and Tutorials & Tips which we have built up over many years of using Excel in both a professional and personal capacity.


While the site still isn't fully complete, we estimate that we now have approximately a quarter to a third of our current pipeline of content uploaded to the site. We will endeavour to add this as quickly as we are able.


Following on from this, new content will be added on an ad hoc basis, as and when we come up with new ideas or respond to specific questions and requests.


All content on the site is complete, tested and ready to use, unless specifically stated that it is still incomplete and/or draft.


We hope that you will enjoy using this site and that it will prove to be a valuable learning resource.





Excel - Learn to love it.


You will not regret it.